Quick Fixes

Simple Self-Help Troubleshooting Instructions

Speech Recognition Inaccurate

The most common cause for a speech recognition accuracy problem is your internal mic settings. Here’s what you need to do to check and adjust them:


  1. Plug your mic headset into your computer.
  2. Right click on the speaker icon in the bottom right of your computer screen.
  3. Choose “recording devices”
  4. If your mic headset is selected, go to #5 below. If it’s not, that’s probably the problem. Click on the mic headset to select it, and then click “set default.”
  5. Click on your mic headset and then click “properties.”
  6. Click on the “levels” tab.
  7. Adjust the mic level
  8. Click “ok”
  9. Try Reading Buddy Software again. If the speech recognition accuracy is still a problem, try a different mic level.


  1. Plug your mic headset into your computer.
  2. Click on the apple in the top left corner of your screen.
  3. Select “System Preferences” and click on the sound icon.
  4. If your mic headset is selected, go to #5 below. If it’s not, that’s probably the problem. Click on the mic headset to set it as default.
  5. Adjust the sliders for the input and output to raise the volume. Make sure “Mute” is not checked.  


If you have an iPhone, you probably know that Siri usually understands you, but sometimes she gets it wrong and makes silly mistakes. Siri isn’t perfect and neither is Reading Buddy Software.

Reading Buddy Software is part of the exciting and growing field of speech recognition technology. It’s not perfect, but with 90% accuracy your child has the opportunity to dramatically improve their reading skills.

If the voice recognition accuracy your child experiences is below 90% and if you’ve optimized your internal mic settings (see above), then you’re probably not using the approved microphone headset or following our best practices. The below list of “best practices” will take less than 5 minutes and could make a big difference in Reading Buddy Software’s performance.


Reading Buddy Software is very resource intensive. The more optimally your computer performs the better Reading Buddy Software will work. There are free optimization programs you can run each time before using Reading Buddy Software. You can download and use them for free.

For Mac Users. Use both MacBooster and cCleaner. You can download them free here http://www.macbooster.net/ and here https://www.piriform.com/mac/ccleaner

For PC Users. Use both cCleaner and Advanced System Care. You can download them free here https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner and here http://www.iobit.com/advancedsystemcareper.php.


Confirm that you’re using the approved mic headset. This is very important and the factor that makes the biggest difference with voice recognition accuracy. The Reading Buddy Software approved headset is the Logitech ClearChat Comfort/USB Headset H390.


Restart your computer before each use.


Do not use any other programs while using Reading Buddy Software.


As you know, Reading Buddy Software listens for mispronounced words and offers real-time corrective feedback. But Reading Buddy Software scores pronunciation based on whatever it hears, including background noise like an air conditioner, a fan, talking, or a chair squeaking. In order for Reading Buddy Software to work properly, it must be used it in a quiet place and there cannot be any background noise.


Reading Buddy Software will prompt your child to do a mic check before each use. Sometimes children respond to the mic check by speaking differently than they read. The mic check is what Reading Buddy Software uses to calibrate its “listening” of your child’s pronunciation, including tone and volume. Therefore, it’s very important that when your child does the mic check that he speaks just like he reads, in the same tone and volume.


The microphone should be 1½ – 2 inches away from the SIDE of your child’s mouth. The microphone should NOT be directly in front of your child’s mouth.


Children have a tendency to slur words and pronounce words incorrectly even when they know how to read them. This is a very bad habit. (There’s an article about this. Now would be a good time to review it. You can do so here.) It’s very important that your child enunciate each syllable and read clearly. Reading Buddy Software will be “listening” for every syllable.

Error Message “Headset Volume Too Low”

For PC Only

  1. Ensure that you’re using the approved Reading Buddy Software headset: Logitech ClearChat Comfort/USB Headset H390
  2. In the bottom right corner of your computer, right-click on the small volume icon
  3. Select “Playback Settings”
  4. Click on your headset and then click “Properties”
  5. Click on the “Levels” tab
  6. Turn ALL volume bars up
  7. Apply changes and click OK
  8. Restart your computer

Visuals cut off, too large, or too small

Reading Buddy Software requires a screen resolution of 1280 x 800. Below are instructions for changing your screen resolution.

For Mac

  1. Click on the apple icon in the top left corner of your monitor.
  2. Select “System Preferences”
  3. Choose “Displays”
  4. Under Resolution, select “Scaled” and then choose the closest screen resolution to the required 1280 x 800
  5. Restart your computer

For PC

  1. Right click in the center of your desktop
  2. Select “Display Settings”
  3. Click “Advanced Display Settings” at the bottom
  4. Under Resolution, choose the closest screen resolution to the required 1280 x 800
  5. Apply changes
  6. Restart your computer

Can’t complete mic check because headset isn’t in list of recording devices

For PC Only

  1. In the bottom right corner of your computer, right-click on the small volume icon.
  2. Select “Playback Settings”
  3. Click on your headset and click “Set as Default”
  4. Next, go to the recording tab
  5. Click on the headset you plugged in and click “Set as Default”
  6. Apply changes
  7. Restart your computer

Program won’t open (Mac only)

For Mac

  1. Click the Apple icon in the top left corner of your monitor
  2. Select “System Preferences”
  3. Under the General tab, select Allow Apps downloaded from ANYWHERE

I downloaded the program twice and now I can’t open it

You have to uninstall and start over.

For PC

  1. Go to Start (bottom left corner of your computer)
  2. Click on “Control Panel” – If you do not see Control Panel in your start menu, click search and search for it.
  3. Under “Programs”, choose “Uninstall a Program” – If you do not see Programs, you may see “Programs and Features”. Clicking on that will bring you to the same place.
  4. Find Reading Buddy Software in the list of programs and click “Uninstall”
  5. Now go back to the Start menu and Click on “ My Computer” – If you do not see that, use the search button again
  6. Double click on OS (C:)
  7. Double click on “Program Files (x86)”
  8. If there is a folder there called “Reading Buddy”, delete the folder. If not, you can exit
  9. Restart your computer
  10. Re-download Reading Buddy Software from the download link that was emailed to you

For Mac

  1. Open Finder
  2. Open Applications Folder
  3. Locate Reading Buddy Software
  4. Drag and drop it in trash
  5. Restart your computer
  6. Re-download Reading Buddy Software from the download link that was emailed to you


Internet Connection Error while downloading

  1. Go to speedtest.net and test the speed of your internet connection
  2. The average download speed is 30Mbps. If your speed is less, contact your Internet provider to fix your Internet speed.

Downloaded program but can’t find it

  1. Logout of your computer
  2. Login as the administrator

Can only read once per day. 

Each user can read from one NEW story per day.

If your child wants to read more than one NEW story per day, then just set up another user.

To set up a new user, follow these steps:

  1. Login as parent
  2. Click on the “home” icon in the upper left corner.
  3. Select “Add New User.”
  4. Proceed through set up process for new user

A user can re-read as many stories as they like, as many times as they like. To choose from the selection of previously read stories, click on the bottom left icon from your library page.

There are a few reasons Reading Buddy Software restricts the number of NEW stories a user can read per day:

  1. Points are earned only when a child reads on a NEW story. So restricting the child to one NEW story per day allows you, the parent, to control the number of points your child can earn in a day, and thus how quickly they can win their prize.
  2. We have found that children otherwise “overdose” on Reading Buddy Software in an attempt to win their prize fast. But in the game of improving fluency and comprehension, slow and steady wins the race. We want your child to want more, and to use Reading Buddy Software consistently. Reading 10 stories at once is not as useful as reading 1 story a day for 10 days.
  3. Reading Buddy Software uses technology to draw children to reading. But after a period of time, children should put the technology away and pick up a book.

Once again, keep in mind that the restrictions are per user, but since you can set up as many users as you like, practically speaking there are no restrictions on your children.

If you still need help please call 24/7 tech support at 1-800-883-6420 or email readingbuddysoftware.tech@gmail.com

The Precision Memory Tracking Technology (PMTT) records your child’s weaknesses, creates personalized practice readings, and drills your child until mastery is achieved.

Which Platform?


What’s Included?

Reading Buddy Software for up to 4 Users

Unlimited Usage. Every user can access any of the 400 readings as many times as they want.

Up to 4 Users.You can create separate accounts for each child.

Unlimited Technical Support. Phone and email.

Reading Buddy Software Costs 98% Less than Tutoring

Lessons/month needed to improve reading level: 20

Average Cost for Tutor: $60/lesson

Cost Per Month
1 Child 2 Children 3 Children 4 Children
Tutor  $1,200  $2,400  $3,600  $4,800
Reading Buddy Software  $79  $79  $79  $79
 You Save  $1,121  $2,321  $3,521  $4,721
   93%  96%  97%  98%

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