Free Trial

Reading Buddy Software is a low-cost monthly subscription, which you can cancel anytime. Therefore, there’s no free trial.

Most parents interested in Reading Buddy Software simply try it for their children. We have a very high success rate and kids love the point and prize system, engaging game mechanics, encouraging voice-animated characters, and kid-friendly high-tech UX.

But if you’re not satisfied for any reason, simply cancel and you won’t be billed any further.

What’s Included?

Reading Buddy Software for 1 Computer

  • 400 Reading Sessions (20-40 minutes each) divided into 4 reading levels for grades 1-8. Each session includes the complete Reading Buddy 7-step practice protocol (repeated readings, word mastery exercise, & comprehension questions).
  • The Reading Buddy Point & Prize Motivation System.
  • Custom kid-friendly dictionary.
  • 1-click access to synonyms, Spanish translations, Wikipedia, and pictures.
  • Full reporting including stats and graphs for time spent, word accuracy, comprehension, and pass/fail.

Unlimited Usage. Your child can access any of the 400 readings as many times as they want.

Unlimited Users. If you have multiple children, you can create separate accounts for each child.

Unlimited Technical Support. Phone and email.

System Requirements


  • OSX 10.7.3 or higher


  • Windows Vista SP2
  • Windows XP SP3
  • Windows 7 SP1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • 1 GB Hard Drive Space
  • 1 GB Available on System Disk
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1280 x 800 Display Resolution
  • Intel Core i3 1.7 GHz CPU or analog
  • Port for USB Microphone Headset
  • Internet connection (for download & authentication only)

*Reading Buddy Software will not work on tablets, iPads, Chromebooks, or Smartphones.


Reading Buddy Software is $79/month. You can cancel anytime. No contracts.


Reading Buddy Software is designed for children in grades 1-8.

Does the Price Ever Change?

Your monthly subscription fee never changes. The fee you sign up with is the fee you pay for as long as you have your subscription.

How to Download

Downloading Reading Buddy Software is easy. Immediately after you place your order you’ll be taken to the 1-Click Reading Buddy Software Download Page. You simply click on the download link provided and Reading Buddy Software will automatically install on your computer.

Who’s it for

Reading Buddy Software will increase fluency and comprehension for many types of readers grades 1-8.

  • Struggling
  • Grade-Level
  • Gifted
  • Special Ed
  • English Language Learners (ELL)
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Dyslexic
  • ADHD
  • ADD

Reading Buddy Software is not a phonics program; it’s a fluency and comprehension program. Therefore, in order to succeed with Reading Buddy, your child must have a basic understanding of phonics and be able to read simple words.


Reading Buddy Software is not for every child. It’s important you understand its weaknesses.

  • Reading Buddy Software is not a quick fix. To transform your child’s reading skills they will have to follow the Reading Buddy Software practice protocol, which takes 15-30 minutes/day, ideally 5 times/week.
  • Reading Buddy Software is not a phonics program; it’s a fluency and comprehension program. In order for Reading Buddy Software to work, your child must know how to sound out the letters of the alphabet and how to read simple words.
  • Reading Buddy Software is not completely hands-off for you, the parent. Your role is to utilize the built-in Reading Buddy Point & Prize System and to make sure that the prizes you’re dangling are motivating your child to use Reading Buddy Software. If they’re not, you’ll need to change them.
  • In 10% of the cases, Reading Buddy Software initially delivers a library too easy or too hard for the child. This can be a little disappointing at first. It will require you to edit your child’s library level. This will take you about 3 minutes to do and there’s no cost.

Research Excerpts

“Speech-recognition-based readingware offers an unprecedented platform for melding research and practice and…for making real contributions to the vital challenge of closing the literacy gap.”

Marilyn Jager Adams, Ph.D.
International Handbook of Literacy and Technology


“The effects of tutor- or computer-assisted word recognition were assessed in a sample of third grade children. At pre-test, students’ reading accuracy and fluency were evaluated on a training word list, generalization word list, and reading passages. Students were then randomly assigned to one of three group conditions—control (students practiced word lists alone), tutor-assisted, and computer-assisted—and given three training sessions. Results indicated that students practicing alone did not improve fluency, whereas both tutor- and computer-assisted groups significantly improved reading speed and accuracy on the trained list and reading fluency on some passages. Students who received word recognition training via a computer performed as well as students who received individualized tutoring. Importantly, the computer-assisted instruction required little teacher time or supervision.”

Lewandowski, L, Begeny, J., & Rogers, C. (2006)
Word-recognition training: Computer versus tutor.

Reading & Writing Quarterly, 22, 395-410.

Scoring Technology

Fluency Scoring Interactive Technology™

Includes Eduspeak® speech recognition technology under license from SRI International®.

Switching Computers

When you buy Reading Buddy Software you can download it to 1 computer. You can set up as many users (children) as you want on that computer, so each child has their own account. If you want to use Reading Buddy Software on an additional computer, you would have to buy an additional license. If it’s not an additional license you want but instead to switch Reading Buddy Software from one computer to another let us know and we can help you with that. There’s no cost to switch, but bear in mind that your child will have to start from scratch on the new computer and will only have access to Reading Buddy Software on that computer.

Multiple Children

For each license you buy you can download Reading Buddy Software onto 1 computer. You can set up as many users as you want on that computer. If you want to put any users on another computer, you would have to buy an additional license.


Discounted Prices for Schools?

Purchasing more than 10 licenses for Reading Buddy Software triggers discounted pricing. You’ll need 1 license for each computer. 10-20 computers: 40% discount. 20-50 computers: 50% discount. Over 50 computers: 60% discount.


Microphone Headset

Your child needs a USB microphone headset to use Reading Buddy Software. In theory, any good quality USB mic headset should work well with Reading Buddy Software, and you can try whatever one you want, and sometimes we hear from users that they’re using a different mic headset and it works well, but we’ve done A LOT of testing and have found that the speech recognition accuracy with the Logitech ClearChat Comfort/USB Headset H390 is usually far superior. It’s crucial that you have the right USB microphone headset, otherwise Reading Buddy Software may not work properly. Logitech ClearChat Comfort/USB Headset H390 is the approved USB microphone headset, available on amazon.com and at many other online and local retailers.

Compatible with Mobile or Tablets?

Reading Buddy Software cannot be downloaded to a tablet or a mobile device. You’ll need a desktop or a laptop computer.

Web Based

Reading Buddy Software is downloadable software you install on your computer. After you place your order, you’re immediately taken to a 1-click digital download page. From there you download Reading Buddy Software to your computer. It’s instant.

Returns & Refunds

Reading Buddy Software is subscription based pricing. You can cancel anytime. There are no returns or refunds.

The Precision Memory Tracking Technology (PMTT) records your child’s weaknesses, creates personalized practice readings, and drills your child until mastery is achieved.

Which Platform?


What’s Included?

Reading Buddy Software for up to 4 Users

Unlimited Usage. Every user can access any of the 400 readings as many times as they want.

Up to 4 Users.You can create separate accounts for each child.

Unlimited Technical Support. Phone and email.

Reading Buddy Software Costs 98% Less than Tutoring

Lessons/month needed to improve reading level: 20

Average Cost for Tutor: $60/lesson

Cost Per Month
1 Child 2 Children 3 Children 4 Children
Tutor  $1,200  $2,400  $3,600  $4,800
Reading Buddy Software  $79  $79  $79  $79
 You Save  $1,121  $2,321  $3,521  $4,721
   93%  96%  97%  98%

Cancellation Policy

Headset Required

System Requirements

How to Download

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