How to Fix Your Child’s Reading Problem

A New Reading Buddy for my Daughter

The Link between Fluency & Comprehension

The Problem with Praise

WHAT should Your Child Read?

What are Repeated Readings?

The Key to Comprehension

How to Transform Your Child’s Reading

Poetry & Fluency

The Importance of HEARING Fluent Reading

The “do-it-yourself” Reading Solution

Should You Hire a Reading Tutor?

Revealing Your Child’s Best Colors

How to Motivate Your Child to Practice Reading

The Science in the Software

No More Wasting Time on Technology

The Law of the Harvest

New Solutions to an Old Problem

How to Fix Your Child’s Reading Problem

Are You a Hedgehog or a Fox?

For Parents of Struggling Readers Only

Comparing Your TV to Your Library

Recommended Reading for Parents of Young Readers

Neuroscience & Your Child’s Reading

How to Motivate Your Child to Read

The Precision Memory Tracking Technology (PMTT) records your child’s weaknesses, creates personalized practice readings, and drills your child until mastery is achieved.

Which Platform?


What’s Included?

Reading Buddy Software for up to 4 Users

Unlimited Usage. Every user can access any of the 400 readings as many times as they want.

Up to 4 Users.You can create separate accounts for each child.

Unlimited Technical Support. Phone and email.

Reading Buddy Software Costs 98% Less than Tutoring

Lessons/month needed to improve reading level: 20

Average Cost for Tutor: $60/lesson

Cost Per Month
1 Child 2 Children 3 Children 4 Children
Tutor  $1,200  $2,400  $3,600  $4,800
Reading Buddy Software  $79  $79  $79  $79
 You Save  $1,121  $2,321  $3,521  $4,721
   93%  96%  97%  98%

Cancellation Policy

Headset Required

System Requirements

How to Download

Sample Readings