Poetry & Fluency

What’s the Connection?


Results from our latest survey show that children really enjoy using Reading Buddy Software. They love winning points, getting prizes, reading interesting stories, and, of course, succeeding to improve their reading.

A mom from Evanston, Illinois writes:

Getting my son to read used to be World War III. Now, it’s not unusual for me to find him using Reading Buddy Software. Just the other day, he asked me if I would buy him a certain book. That was a first.

I’m very proud of the fact that kids actually like using Reading Buddy Software. But, the truth is, the path to an elevated level of fluency and comprehension for a young reader is not all fun and games.

That’s not a popular message, but it’s true.

Today I want to share with you another step on the path to reading mastery. It’s not the easiest step for most kids to take. Your child probably won’t be begging for it (at least not at first), but if you can sneak it in (as we do in Reading Buddy Software), it’ll help your child big-time.

What am I talking about?

Reading poetry.

Believe it or not, reading poetry helps young readers improve fluency and comprehension.

Why? How does that work?

Young readers often have a habit of slurring their words and skipping syllables. They might be able to get away with this when their speaking. But fluency demands precision. Children should read deliberately. When children slur or truncate words, their reading abilities suffer.

In our age of texting, this is a huge challenge. Skipping syllables and abbreviating phrases is the new style of communication. That might work with texting, but when that style creeps into our child’s reading habits, it hurts their fluency and comprehension.

Reading Frost’s The Road not Taken or Edward Lear’s A Book of Nonsense compels a child to read differently. They feel that the text is unusual. They sense a cadence that demands precision. They know that the author would be unforgiving of a lazy reader. Great poetry challenges young readers to step up their game.

“Speak the speech, I pray as I pronounced it to you, trippingly on the tongue,” advises Shakespeare’s Hamlet. In other words, say it musically and smoothly.

When a child reads age-appropriate poetry and speeches, they learn to savor each word, and that contributes to improved fluency and comprehension.

Be careful. Don’t barrage your child with poetry. The content is not usually interesting for children so they can’t take too much. But a small dose is good for them.

In Reading Buddy, 10-15% of the readings are age-appropriate poetry and speeches. In addition, Reading Buddy’s patented Fluency Scoring Radar™ listens to your child read, detects slurring or truncating of words, and gives your child on-the-spot help designed to improve their pronunciation precision and overall fluency.

Sometimes children think that Reading Buddy Software mistakenly interrupted them to help with a word they knew how to read. But that’s rarely the case. In fact, in most cases the child knew how to read the word but they didn’t read it accurately. Reading Buddy Software teaches your child to read deliberately, and deliberate reading leads to greater fluency and comprehension.

To learn more about Reading Buddy Software and how it can help your child transform their fluency, go here:

Higher Fluency with Reading Buddy Software

Henry David Thoreau wrote, “Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.”

When my son sends me a reminder text “CU@ 6,” I’m careful to text back in complete sentences, “I’m looking forward to picking you up at six.  I love you, Mom.”

My kids tell me I don’t know how to text, but I just LOL.

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