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  • Ari Fertel

    Founder & President

    Ari Fertel is the Founder and President of Reading Buddy Software. It’s her baby. This was her dream. How Ari gave birth to Reading Buddy Software is a fascinating story. You can read about it here. Ari’s life mission is to lose 10 pounds and help children improve their reading. She lives with her husband and 5 children (including triplets) in Baltimore, MD.

    SRI International

    Speech Recognition

    Reading Buddy Software includes EduSpeak® speech recognition technology under license from SRI International®. Using the same speech recognition technology that powers Reading Buddy Software, SRI launched a spin-off company, Siri, Inc., which Apple acquired and used to develop Siri, a popular feature of the iPhone. SRI International® has over a half billion dollars in annual revenues and employs over 2300 people.

    Ken Spiegal

    Software Development & Maintenance

    Ken and a team of world-class engineers help us bring together the latest in speech recognition technology with the finest in software development. The result is a user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, and an acoustic model that analyzes the child’s speech by comparing it to over ten thousand native speaker’s voices that have been scored by panels of linguistic judges. That’s a lot of accents!

    Shayna Silverstein

    Customer Service Representative

    Shayna Silverstein is our Customer Service Representative. She’s on the front lines, taking your calls, answering your questions, and replying to your emails. At Reading Buddy Software, we pride ourselves on top-notch customer service and consider every time you contact us an opportunity to serve and impress.

    The Precision Memory Tracking Technology (PMTT) records your child’s weaknesses, creates personalized practice readings, and drills your child until mastery is achieved.

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    What’s Included?

    Reading Buddy Software for up to 4 Users

    Unlimited Usage. Every user can access any of the 400 readings as many times as they want.

    Up to 4 Users.You can create separate accounts for each child.

    Unlimited Technical Support. Phone and email.

    Reading Buddy Software Costs 98% Less than Tutoring

    Lessons/month needed to improve reading level: 20

    Average Cost for Tutor: $60/lesson

    Cost Per Month
    1 Child 2 Children 3 Children 4 Children
    Tutor  $1,200  $2,400  $3,600  $4,800
    Reading Buddy Software  $79  $79  $79  $79
     You Save  $1,121  $2,321  $3,521  $4,721
       93%  96%  97%  98%

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