How to Fix Your Child’s Reading Problem


Is your child a struggling reader? Are they having problems with pronunciation, fluency, or comprehension?

It’s very scary to realize that your child is reading below grade level. Most parents worry that being a poor reader will hurt their child’s self-esteem and academic performance.

Those are valid concerns.

Not only does poor reading lead to bad grades, but unfortunately when a child isn’t doing well in school they don’t feel good about themselves and that can lead to behavior problems and depression too.

I know what you’re going through. I’ve been there with my son. He was a struggling reader. When it started, I watched a cheerful, easy-going kid turn into a frustrated, miserable wreck. I was living proof that a mother is only as happy as her saddest child.

I remember picking my son up from school and seeing his shirt sleeve chewed to oblivion. I didn’t need a psychology degree to know that this wasn’t good.

“Don’t worry,” the teacher told me. “Give it time. He’ll improve.”

That was terrible advice. Time came and went and my son didn’t improve. He just fell further behind and it was crushing his self-esteem.

At this point I started to do some digging and I learned something that changed everything for both of us—CHILDREN DON’T OUTGROW READING PROBLEMS. It was a bitter pill to swallow, but I finally understood that this wasn’t going to go away by itself.

Not only was my son not going to outgrow this problem; he couldn’t avoid it either. If the problem was his jump shot, no big deal; he could play another sport or join the band. But he couldn’t avoid reading.

That was it for me. I made up my mind that my son was not going to suffer academically or emotionally one moment longer than absolutely necessary.

He was going to fix this. And I was going to help him.

I read every book on Dyslexia, learning disabilities, and the art of teaching reading to struggling readers. I attended seminars, took courses, and stayed up all night training to become a reading specialist.

As I started to work with my son, he got the hang of reading and started to love it. That was years ago. Today, he’s a ferocious reader. Grade level? You better believe it!

But what I learned from that experience was that there’s nothing special about a reading specialist.

Want to know how your child can solve their reading problem?

I’ll tell you. It’s simple.

Your child has to read…a lot!

I’m sorry to break it to you, but there’s no quick fix. You’re not going to resolve this by giving your kid meds or having them tutored once a week. Remediating a reading deficiency is a daily process, 30 minutes/day for 3-6 months. This problem is not going to go away this week. You can start the process this week, but it’s going to take a few months, at least, of constant attention, to resolve entirely.

Becoming a solid reader is not rocket science. There’s no magic to it. There’s no secret formula or special pill. There’s no “best” system or elite program. There are no miracle tutors. Your child…just…has…to read.

BUT…it has to be the right kind of reading.

A common mistake made by parents (and tutors) is assigning silent reading to the child. That’s like handing a violin to a beginner and asking them to make music. If your child is a struggling reader, silent reading will not help solve the problem.

Why not?

Because there’s no accountability.

By definition a struggling reader is struggling. But in silent reading, there’s no one to help, no one to teach, no one to correct.

Practice does not make perfect. If your child is practicing the wrong thing, they’ll just get better at doing it wrong, in other words, they’ll become more set in their erred ways.

Forget silent reading; it won’t help. In fact, for a struggling reader, silent reading makes things worse.

So, it’s not just that your child needs to read; the reading has to be supervised and it needs to include real-time corrective feedback. In other words, your child needs to read aloud and someone has to intervene with help when necessary.

This is the problem with every reading program or device on the market. They claim “interactive,” but meanwhile your child gets no indication that they misread 50% of the words. Theoretically, any reading program or device could work. There’s just one catch—someone has to sit by your child’s side to correct them every step of the way. Who’s going to do that? You? That’s a lot of time. And it might start World War III. No child wants to be constantly corrected by their parent, unless of course both of you took a tranquilizer before each session.

I remember when my mom bought my kids the newest LeapFrog reading device. She was convinced it would help her grandson “leap into reading” because it was “interactive.”  Yes, it did leap—right into the back of the toy closet where it “interacted” with all the other useless reading devices and unfinished workbooks. You see, those reading devices, or better yet let’s call them what they really are—toys, can’t listen to your child read and correct them when necessary. That’s what a struggling reader needs.

How about a tutor? Possible, but very expensive. To resolve a reading deficiency, your child needs supervised reading for 30 minutes/day, preferably 5 times/week, for 3-6 months (about 100 sessions). You do the math. That’s close to $10,000.

So what’s the solution? Who’s going to do all that reading with your child?

Reading Buddy Software can do it.

Reading Buddy Software listens, detects, and responds as your child reads aloud. It’s like having a tutor in your computer.

Reading Buddy Software’s Responsive Speech Recognition (RSR) technology monitors your child’s reading. When your child struggles with a word, Reading Buddy provides a visual cue, and, if needed, a correct pronunciation. After your child reads the word correctly, they read on. These interventions lead to mastery of new words, improved fluency, and deeper comprehension.

Reading Buddy Software has helped many struggling readers achieve grade-level fluency and superior comprehension.

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Reading Buddy Software™ is advanced speech recognition technology that listens, responds, and teaches as your child reads. It’s like having a tutor in your computer.

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Reading Buddy Software™ is advanced
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When I got Reading Buddy Software for my son, it was like I got a 24/7 reading tutor. Better though, because I didn’t have to pay by the hour.

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The Precision Memory Tracking Technology (PMTT) records your child’s weaknesses, creates personalized practice readings, and drills your child until mastery is achieved.

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