A New Reading Buddy for my Daughter

A Guest Post by Freelance Author Jennifer Turner


I remember the thrill of teaching my daughter to read. We started in preschool with one letter every two weeks. It took her a year to recognize all the letters and master the ability to write them.

In her early elementary years, my daughter embraced reading. She put the sounds together well and moved through the curriculums of kindergarten, first, and second grade.

But in third grade I noticed a change. My daughter lost interest in reading. And her progress slowed. She did her schoolwork, but I never saw her read for pleasure anymore. I used to love a good mystery book so it broke my heart that I couldn’t get her interested. And it worried me that she was no longer reading at grade level.

I know that strong reading skills are the key to academic success, so I decided to try to nip this in the bud.

I talked to my daughter’s teacher to see if the school could give her some extra help. They offered tutoring, but it required her to be pulled out of class. My daughter didn’t want this, I think because she was embarrassed.

I looked into an after-school tutoring center, but it wasn’t cheap or close. I also have a son with special needs so I couldn’t see how this was going to fit into our budget or our family schedule.

I started researching an in-home tutor, which, of course, was no lighter on the budget, when one of the tutors suggested Reading Buddy Software. She explained that this software was invented by a mom in the same situation as me and that the software acts like a reading tutor. It utilizes the same technology as Siri to “listen” to the child’s reading, and it tutors them when they need help.

I remember when I was kid I had a reading buddy. Now, my daughter’s reading buddy is inside her computer. I have mixed feelings about it. I can’t get her to pick up a book, but because it’s this cool technology that talks to her and gives her points and prizes she’ll read with Reading Buddy Software all day long. She’s definitely improving so I guess I can’t complain. And I consider this “good” computer time.

Technology is a mixed blessing. I feel it’s robbing my daughter of a love of books. And the older she gets the more I worry about how technology will affect her life and relationships. But Reading Buddy Software is an example of how we can use technology to entice our children to become stronger readers.

My daughter might have a new reading buddy. She may not sit on my lap much with a book anymore. But I still tuck her in every night. And I pray that some busy mom won’t invent technology that robs me of that pleasure too.


Jennifer Turner is a freelance writer who lives with her children and two cats in Lancaster, PA.



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When I got Reading Buddy Software for my son, it was like I got a 24/7 reading tutor. Better though, because I didn’t have to pay by the hour.

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